Nothing is more powerful than tapping into your brilliance within and your capacity for illumination. Nothing is more beautiful than accessing to your purest self. It is powerful to walk on the Earth with ease and grace, to be in a sacred relationship of unity and reciprocity with yourself and all of Life. Throughout my lifetime, I have cultivated a profound connection to the power and wisdom of the natural world and Mother Earth. This important bond has served as a foundation for my abilities and gifts.

Armineh is a naturally gifted and expertly trained energy/frequency practitioner with many years of experience in helping her clients evolve their consciousness. Her company, Illumination Within, has helped her clients on their journey of personal transformation to connect to their higher Selves, clear mental, emotional, and ancestral blocks, and find ease and grace in a natural connection to all of life.
    By creating a sacred space and tapping into your unique frequency signature, Armineh can help you clear and heal old lineage patterns that keep you stuck, while also helping awaken your authenticity and find self-love.
    Armineh’s clients are just like you. You know you deserve more for your life, but you’re not always sure what’s holding you back. You’re ready to step into your power and live the life of your dreams, but you feel an inner resistance that tells you to slow down, stop, or go backward. You’re ready for lasting change that eases your burdens and brings more joy and inner freedom. Illumination Within is the missing piece you’ve been looking for. Let’s get started today.

Here in Illumination Within we take care of all aspects of your life with amazing science based techniques and advanced reprogramming at DNA and Blueprint level and beyond.

This is Evolution.

Armineh Turgeon (Astanbous)
Master in Intuition Medicine ®