A Little About Me

My name is Armineh Astanbous. My hands carry the knowledge of herbal remedies and traditional naturopathic healing passed down from my ancestors. I also graduated from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® with a masters’ certification in intuition medicine®, which enables me to practice the art and science of energy medicine. Recently I found another amazing teacher Mas Sajady who has an important role in my elevation to higher consciousness.

I have always been a seeker, moving between the worlds of agricultural engineering, art, fashion design, dance, and music. For much of my life I was trying to connect to a sense of true belonging. I spent years searching for meaningful work that connected me to my purpose until I found alignment and a cohesive narrative among these various paths.

I am from Iran, an immigrant. Since I was a child, I have been full of imagination, and have had an ability to encounter presences beyond our realm of perception. I could feel and see the truth of people. I always found myself talking to plants and flowers, sharing stories with trees as I climbed and settled in their branches. I could see the future, travel through time, and explore the other realms, especially in my dreams. I was shy.

When I became an adult, these same impulses were shut down by those around me. Because I was connected to something beyond what others could sense, I was accused of being connected to darkness or negativity. I internalized this judgement and repressed the power of these gifts, armoring myself against a world in which I did not feel accepted. However, deep inside, I maintained my connection to this power, to this light. I studied hard, worked hard, and immersed myself in the teaching and techniques of Jung psychology, Tai Chi Jian, yoga, meditation, breath techniques, and Sophism. This seeking was a road to rescue myself.

When  I found myself at the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, I realized being called a sensitive person over the years was really an articulation of my gift. In this program, I was re-acquainted with my internal gifts and reignited the connection to my Higher Self. for about six month after starting my practice in energy medicine and beyond, another chapter opened up in front of my amazing journey. I have found myself at Mas Sajady programs who he has helped me to accelerate my journey even more and faster. It has been a profound experience, one that continues to unfold, and one which I wish to share with fellow seekers. I am ready to create a sacred space for your exquisite journey.