Armineh is an incredibly supportive person in my healing process. I trust her to hold space for me and to work directly with my spirit, and I feel safe as she does so. I continue to return to her work because it is a co-creation: she meets me where I am and her deep intuition clearly senses my energy, and then together we find ways I can continue to work with my own energy to ground and transform. Armineh’s warmth, truth, and wisdom in getting to the roots of our human and energetic experiences has been deeply affecting. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a support and a guide—her work is generous and profound, and she is an amazing human being! Jane S, Oakland, CA

Armineh’s healing felt like a gift. I felt supported and safe throughout her skillful guidance in our collaborative sessions. The space she held was a gentle container that allowed for subtleties of experience and connection I did not expect. My body was allowed to truly relax, opening me up to keen insights and deep introspection. I felt seen. I am grateful for her generosity and enthusiasm Armineh expressed through my healing process. She offered practical tools and metaphorical insights that I continue to carry with me in my journey of integrating body and spirit. Samuel S, Oakland, CA

Armineh has the gift of reaching depth in a very magical way. She has been enlightening my path, allowing me to get clarity in challenging times and make difficult but liberating decisions on my journey. She’s been catalyzing my effort to find my true voice and embrace my own self. I think everyone should experience the power of energy medicine especially when orchestrated by such a talented and beautiful soul. Pauline C, San Francisco, CA

Working with Armineh has been deeply transformational. Not only is she able to accurately read the energetic body and make adjustments, but she empowers me by teaching me how to stay in balance myself. Armineh is gifted and dedicated to her craft. Since working together I have become more present, I’ve protected my energy better, and I’ve addressed some ancestral trauma that I couldn’t have otherwise healed. Alexandra R, Berkeley, CA

Les soins à distance d’Armineh m’on été recommandé par une amie. J’ai éprouvé une grande facilité et simplicité à me connecter à elle malgré les kilomètres qui nous séparent et j’ai tiré immédiatement un grand bénéfice de ses soins. Dès notre première séance je me suis sentie recentrée et présente à moi même. Elle a su apaiser mes tensions et m’a donné des clefs pour protéger mon énergie, canaliser et valoriser mon potentiel. Je recommande à toutes celles et ceux qui cherchent leur voie de faire la connaissance d’Armineh pour cheminer en pleine conscience, avec un accompagnement bienveillant. Merci. Sophie C, Lyon, France

Armineh Guided and supported Beutifully me & my son through many processes. Release, Integration, manifesting and most importantly grounding. Also supported in balancing, clean & harmonize our home environments. Release: Broke old ancestor contract for good. Armineh safely and securely guided and setted up the space for this to happen. Released connection with past lover. Released much stuff that was not me successfully and Beautifully. Integration: Whilst releasing the Integration process is fundamental and Armineh shined the light teaching and guidance for me to understand and action. She did support Integration of higher level chnages balancing physical energies harmonizing the whole system. The process of Manifestation: my son successfully got accepted at right private school with full scholarships. Reminding that gets manifested just whats from and for own pure bright source intention and benefict and its about allignment to it and let it happen.Also that we are the creator and have all the power within, we do have the ability and we do all this work, the guide see the true colors in us and help shine brighter teaching the methods and clarify more. Grounding:The best of Armineh is the Grounding, the base, the center of neutrality and observation, sometining Im learning more and more. I have been experiencing great amounts of Grounding for my self, my son and my home, so I know how to do it by my self for my self more and more. Clear, harmonious and balanced home:Removed what was not pure to be there, then grounding and harmonize the whole.I have experienced such a wonderful kindness and honest care , Armineh see my purest bright source and potential so can guide more into that direction with ease and gentle soft loving clear set up. I highly recommend Armineh from my purest higher limitless source with pure bright intention and benefict as she delivers truthful and honest service care. Her clarity goes on point and she just let you know what is it in the most clear understanding way for you to see best. Experience for yourself and then you can understand what words cannot say yet. Sofia S, Sydney, Australia

The first time I worked one-on-one with Armineh it was for physical pain in my right arm. After long hours at a computer and driving, I had searing hot pain that was radiating down my arm. It was causing lost sleep, teeth grinding and irritability. I booked a session with Armineh and she worked on my pain body. By the end of the session the pain had dropped from a 9/10 to about a 5/10. It was about three days later that I realized the pain had disappeared that same night as my session with Armineh and hadn’t returned. It still hasn’t returned and that was in December 2021. I recently had another one-on-one session with Armineh as my body experienced a bad reaction to some medicine. It was causing constant vomiting, dizziness, loss of vision along with fear and panic. Armineh worked on me to help ground, allowing the dizziness to stop long enough for me to drive safely home (a 2 hour drive). Her energy continued to help over the following day to assist with my body to detox. I have also enjoyed joining in to some of Armineh’s group sessions. I am always left feeling so relaxed like I have just had a massage or been to a day spa. I cannot speak more highly of Armineh and her abilities and talent. I highly recommend her. Her work within the energy and frequency space is valued and treasured. With heartfelt thanks. Karen, Australia 

Armineh has a gift and I’m so appreciative of her. She really supported me in a very challenging situation. My session with her made a world of differences and brought me needed clarity. Oh that neck pain I was dealing with for so many years is gone! Her healing is so powerful. Anna-Thea, Northern California, Grass Valley

Armineh is a powerful energy and frequency practitioner . She has helped me tremendously to lovingly stand in my power and set healthy boundaries with controlling and demanding people in my life. She has also given me great insight on the energies of certain people in my life and their influence over me and has guided me on how to transform these relationships. Donna, Northern California, Penn Valley

Armineh’s  work is extraordinary. She would hone in on my areas of my life where I was stuck immediately and without my saying anything. . And she would proceed to work on that area of my life and/or my body. Without any body contact I could feel heat in parts of my body before she would say I am moving energy in this part of your body, for instance, my stomach. This would also occur when working remotely on zoom. It is a remarkable experience and I highly recommend her work to move rapidly through issues and reach a better experience of life. Michael, Northern California, Sacramento

ابتدا از خدای مهربانم تشکر میکنم که شما را در مسیر زندگی من قرار داد که اگر شما را نمی دیدم باید با دردهایی که توسط هیچ پزشک و روان درمانگری قابل تشخیص نبودند زندگی را به صورت نیمه جان ادامه میدادم.از شما تشکر میکنم که چطور بی ادعا و صبور برایم وقت و انرژی گذاشتید و انرژیهای سنگین و انسدادها را از روان و بدن من برداشتید.در مدیتیشنهای شما از نظر روانی به طور مستقیم با احساس بی ارزشی درونی مواجه شدم و دیدم که چطور انتخاب مسیر کاری و زندگی من حتی انتخاب دوستانم بر اساس احساس بی ارزشی بوده انگار که یک لباس کهنه  که اندازه و قواره من نبود را درآوردم.از نظر بدنی سالها بود که سرگیجه، عدم تعادل و احساس سنگینی داشتم که با مراجعه به پزشک و مصرف دارو درمان نشدم. اما در یک جلسه  از دوره مدیتیشنهای شما کاملا برطرف شد و واقعا تجربه عدم تعادل را اصلا ندارم. مدتی بود که در اثر استرسهای زیاد پنیک شده بودم و چند ماهی بود که ضربان قلبم بالای 100 بود که آن هم کاملا نرمال شد و قلبم آرام گرفت. من شفا را با شما تجربه کردم.چندین سال بود که از دردهای لگنی رنج میبردم وبه راحتی نمی توانستم بنشینم که آن هم با مراجعه به پزشک نتیجه ای حاصل نشد و فقط درد میکشیدم . همچنینین به مدت چها رماه بود که پریودم کاملا قطع شده بود.در جلسه خصوصی که با شما داشتم دردهای لگنی واقعا سبک شدند و اینکه بالاخره پریود شدم. همینطور خیلی از انرژیهای سنگین و حالتهای سنگینی که داشتم از روی بدنم برداشته شد و حال سبکتری را تجربه میکنم.تشکر واژه ناچیزی هست برای این همه موهبت و شفایی که از طریق شما وارد زندگی من شد.شفایی که از طریق هیچ پزشک متخصصی با هزینه بسیار هم برایم اتفاق نمی افتاد. امیدوارم روزی بتوانم شما را از نزدیک ملاقات کنم.امیدوارم همیشه غرق در نور و خیر وبرکت باشید و پرودگار محافظ وجود ارزشمندتون باشد. Tahereh, Tehran, Iran تا ابد و بی نهایت ممنونم و به امید دیدارنون. 

Programs and Classes Testimonial

In “Evolution5“, Armineh is marrying together her Engineer side to design a powerful course harmonizing work at the Blueprint level and the Energy Systems level and brings her high-level abilities to deliver her thoughtful design. Brilliant! 🤩 Sandy, Quebec city, Canada 

Your class, ” Dance Your Limitless Self” remind me of the school of Isis or something like that. You know where women were taught the secrets of Tantra. Marianne J, Tallinn, Estonia

Armineh’s “Dance Your Limitless Self” program begins with fundamental tools for becoming present and sensitive to one’s body. I found some similarities to experiences with yoga and Feldenkrais lessons. (—though you don’t need to know those.) Armineh’s program, which is like moving meditation and developing awareness through very ‘simple’ body movement/learning, adds space to practice creativity and that’s the icing on the cake. I recommend you commit to trying the series and simply notice what happens along the way and allow yourself openings. After some weeks of Armineh’s program I notice myself, in my daily life, remembering the tools from her classes, for returning myself to presence and shifting old patterns. I feel fresher moments. The “Sunday Blanket” meditation is a great opportunity to let someone help you end your week so you can begin the next one with less hang ups and a fresh outlook. It is an excellent combination with the DYLS series though quite good on its own too, as a little way to be accountable to bettering yourself. (And don’t think you’re not bettering yourself if you miss it because you lose track of time on your Sunday while out on a long hike or gathered with friends! The point is that we are all making the efforts to be more present and move forward together.” Magnolia V. Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Dance Your Limitless Self” is a weekly gift for my body and my spirit. For me, the practices we work on are becoming tools I can trust to help me take care of my energy in any moment of my daily life. This class supports my integration of working with energy and living in my physical body and coming home to the root of myself, in present time. I love how the class includes a variety of different ways of moving, from shaking to improvising in space, to stretching (plus more!). I feel that Armineh creates a safe and nourishing space every class, and I look forward to what I may uncover, observe, and feel within myself each time. I treasure moving and having fun together in the process. Jane S, Washington DC