The Child Within Program

What is The Child Within Series and the benefit of that?

It’s a series that will work on your inner child. In each series we will address a specific area in your childhood like trauma, abuse, control, etc. You will travel back and revisit your childhood to reparenting yourself. You will experience Lots of clearing, deleting and upgrading as part of the Consciousness Evolution System as well as activities that you will do to reconnect to your Child Within. 

In this way you will be able to have access to childlike joy of life while you have your amazing wisdom as an adult.By doing the work as an adult, you can start to heal from past experiences and deconstruct your views about the world and yourself.

For example, imagine you grew up being told to finish all the food on your plate at every meal. As an adult, you might still feel guilty about not finishing meals or have a complicated relationship with food in general. When you reconnect with your inner child, you start to understand where your feelings about food come from and reshape them to fit your truth.

As a whole, The Child Within Series can help you enjoy yourself more and shed the anxieties you’ve carried into adulthood. It helps you understand yourself better, and it makes it easier to follow your joy and passion in everyday life.

This program is 6 sessions in 6 weeks.

What is Inner Child in general?

Your “inner child” is a subconscious part of you, the shadow of who you were as a child before you got bogged down with the troubles of adult life. This is the part of you that gets all warm and fuzzy about your favorite Disney movie and urges you to make snow angels or making a sand castel on the beach. But it’s also the part of you that holds onto your childhood fears and worries, many of which might still impact you in adulthood.

As you mature, you inevitably become disconnected from your inner child. Though you might not feel connected to your inner child, it’s always there, informing your emotions and decisions from the background.

Whether or not you had an uncomfortable or traumatic childhood, your inner child holds onto both positive and negative emotions. When you reconnect with it, you face those emotions as an adult and begin to heal from your past experiences.

Signs of wounded inner child:

Everyone carries fears and worries from childhood, but not everyone has a severely wounded inner child. Some signs you might have a wounded inner child are…

  • You feel the urge to mask your emotions, like holding back tears or acting like you aren’t angry even when you are.
  • You feel your worth is tied to your productivity or success. If you aren’t the best, you’re the worst.
  • You avoid conflict at all costs, instead leaving uncomfortable situations or taking the path of least resistance.
  • You’re a people pleaser and tend to rush to others for help making big personal decisions. 
  • You have trouble setting and keeping healthy boundaries, especially with your parents or romantic partners.
  • You react strongly to even gentle criticism, either by shutting down, breaking down, or blowing up.

All that being said, everyone can benefit from inner child work. We all carry wounds from our childhoods, but some are deeper than others.

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