DECEMBER Dance Your Limitless Self | Letting go

It’s end of the year 2021. How amazing is to clear our energy system and upgrade to higher energy and frequencies to start fresh 2022. This months is all about letting go and surrendering from our strength.


What is Dance Your Limitless Self

Dance Your Limitless self is a somatic practice to learn the logistics of Present Time aka NOW! Through movement and muscle memory, you can develop the tools to help you elevate to higher consciousness. It accelerates your integration between your timeless and timebound body. In addition you will start learning about geometry shapes which our world created from by bringing awareness to your body. I bring simple movement like walking, jumping, shaking, and wiggling into a meditative state to develop your ability to stay in time and in place in your everyday life. When you get there, we are going to dance with a related prompt. At the end we work on hip opening enabling us to move more freely. It feels fantastic. Join me as we elevate to a higher consciousness!


  • Having Fun
  • Cleans toxins from your body. One of the other focus is on Detoxing and Boosing up your immunity by working on your Lymph system and Liver. You will recive extra tips how to help your lymph system as well! 
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety level. If you are suffering from depression and or anxiety this is a great practice for you to come out of and change your life!
  • Harmonizing your frequencies with Nature frequencies
  • Move more freely
  • Improve Energy flow in your body

Breakdown of the class

  1. Meditation
  2. Core practice (focusing on lymph system)
  3. Improvisation ( don’t worry if you don’t know what it is)
  4. Hip Opening and flexibility

REPLAY is Included

It is for you to practice during the week or if miss any session. You can break down the practice during the week and design it base on your need and your time!

What you need: (opetional items are related to your floor and your flexibility)

  • You in comfortable clothes
  • Small place to move around
  • Yoga Mat (optional)
  • Yoga strap (optional)
  • Yoga block (optional)

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