Replays of Sunday’s Blanket

Starting in 2023, Most of the replays are on our YouTube Chanel. Subscribe to be notified of the live sessions and listen to the past ones.



New Paradigm, Peace Consciousness, Clear all your self doubt

Elements , Water, Wind and Fire


Global Expansion of Light

Deep Awakening, Session 3, High level of human being

Deep Awakening, Session 2, Golden City,

Deep Awakening , Session 1

Stepping into your power , New Consciousness

Sunset Sunrise Meditation | Delete your filters

Golden River | Healing yourself, Reflection, 8/14/22

The Lion’s Gate 2022 | Preparing for 8/8 portal, 8/7/22

Golden Sun | Deleting your patterns and Enhancement 7/29/22

Coming out of Control system

Healing Trauma, Golden Sun

The ponds, Deleting your filters, Greeting your New Self

Love and Abundance Frequencies

2021 Sunday’s Blankets

Your New Self Image | Lion’s Gate

Anger | Redefine and delete the control pattern

Sunrise | Sunset Meditation – Focusing on New Self

Sacrifice | Deleting the pattern ( Note: Please listen from 8 minutes of the meditation)

Celebrate your Uniqueness |deleting the pattern of comparing and the standards

Observing our Relationships | focusing on our brilliance within

Settling in our New Self | Deleting pattern

Focus on New Self | settling in new consciousness

The portal | Focussing on your strength

Mirror Xform Meditation

Relationship | The power of storm

Merkaba Activation | Merkaba is an ancient Egyptian word. Mer: Light Ka: Spirit Ba: Body

The power of River

The Nothingness (Void) space

The pure frequencies of Mountain and Snow

Deletion with the power of waterfall

Stabilizing in the New You and conscious, Courage and Inner power

The higher realm | Schumann Resonance

Sunset Sunrise meditation | Let go of old self

New Year, New You!

2022 Sunday’s Blankets

Upgrading Your Frequency Bandwidth | First session in 2022

Healing and Clearing (Using the power healing of the River)

The harp and Pure source (Super powerful Transformation) Intermediate to Advance level

The harp second part | Observation Intermediate

The harp third part | Playing your harp, Calibration

The harp fourth session | Playing your harp and becoming one (singularity)

Your relationship with yourself | Evolution of heart | Strength| Mountains Frequencies

(NOTE: The first 5 minutes of the meditation has not beed recorded. Our apology. If you are familiar with finding your location, start with that and if not just join the grounding part with us.)

Global Peace | Find the peace within and expand it

Materialization | Sunset and Sunrise TransMed (Transformational Meditation)

Clearing war frequencies at human level TransMed (Transformational Meditation)

The Rebirth, Nowruz day TransMed

Clearing and deleting your patterns

Observing your relationship with yourself

Love frequency, Self love

Love Frequency, Sunset Sunrise TransMed, Nothingness realm

Love and Success TransMed

Crystalline DNA and SENSES

Self Love, Satin Love

Welcome to Golden City where I came from , Power Within

Empowerment, Connecting to Your Power Within

Self Doubt, Golden City river