Evolution5 | Claim Your Power Page | October 2022

Claim Your Power is about success patterns, finding your voice and your power, your essence, and your identity. It is about your relationship with yourself and others.

October 12th through October 21st | 8:00 PM PT , 10:00 PM CT, 11:00 PM ET

Welcome to Illumination Within. We are so happy you are joining us for Evolution5 | Claim Your Power

Break down of the program

Evening TransMeds (Transformational Meditation) 8:00 PM PT|10:00 PM CT|11:00 PM ET

Day 1 to 5 | 10/12 to 10/16: Evening TransMed (Transformational Meditation) Shifting your frequency bandwidth and upgrading your DNA. 60 Minutes

Day 6 & 7| 10/17 to 10/18: Evening TransMed | Nurturing and more stabilizing | 30 minutes Day 7th the TransMed will be at 5:00 PM PT

Day 8 & 9 | 10/19 to 10/20: Observation & Journaling of any kind( writing, recording voice, taking video)You will be on your own. There is no TransMed.

Day 10 | 10/21: Enhancement Session including TransMed, Q&A, sharing

In TransMeds we are working on Clearing, Upgrading, Stabilizing, and Nurturing. You will have it all!

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Meeting ID: 815 2214 4531


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This is a support group. You can share your experiences and or ask questions. Our communication will be via this group. Please join to get support.



Physical Activity

Walk, Hike, Jog, Run, Yoga, Pilates or any activity 20-30 mins daily. (Highly important)

I suggest the app FitOn.

Or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, go to Mobility with Armineh Playlist there are so many great exercises as well as Persian Dance called “The Circles” :


Suggested Diet:

No refined sugar (Substitute with Raw Pure Honey and or Pure maple syrup at moderation)

No processed food

No soy 

Less dairy (very limited)

Organic and Non-Gmo foods (if it’s available)

grass fed and pasture raised meat or eggs (If it’s available)

Drink water lemon first thing in the morning ( 30 ounces water +half a lemon, you can add a little of Real Salt to it too)

Intermittent fast 12-16 hours

Teas: Sage, Saint John Worth, Lemon Balm, Camomile, Dandelion

Flower essences: Dandelion, American poppies, Wild Blackberry, Wild Raspberry


DAY 1 | 10/12/22

DAY 2 | 10/13/22

DAY 3 | 10/14/22

DAY 4 | 10/15/22

DAY 5 | 10/16/22

DAY 6 | Nurturing TransMed | 10/17/22

DAY 7 | Nurturing TransMed | 10/18/22

DAY 10 | Enhancement | Full Video

DAY 10 | Enhancement | Full Audio