Grounding Practicum

Friday April 8th | 6:00 PM PT | 8:00 PM CT | 9:00 PM ET

Grounding benefits people of all ages and lifestyle. It’s Free and it’s our natural state.Grounding helps you to settle into yourself.

This class designed for you to practice your grounding in a safe space under supervision of us. It is recommended to take our previous course called “Everything Grounding” but It’s not necessary. If you would like to purchase that course click HERE.

If you would like to master your grounding technique join us in this class. 

Our classes are experiential and interactive learning. In this class you will learn:

  • Practice your own grounding, 
  • Help others to ground deeper and wider, 
  • Ground your house, other spaces and or 
  • Ground your belongings to create a beautiful space for yourself 

This is class is for:

  • Anyone with any lifestyle
  • You know about grounding and want to go deeper

This class is NOT for you if:

Energy and Frequency work such as that offered by Armineh Astanbous of Illumination Within is not for everyone.  If you are mentally unstable/weak, tend to blame others for your problems, and/or not willing or not able to take personal responsibility, energy and frequency work is not right for you.  If you tend to see your experience as everyone and everything doing things TO you, and you do not see yourself as an active participant in the situations that arise in your life, energy and frequency work is probably not for you.

If you have or believe that you may have a physical or mental health issue, and/or any medical concerns, please consult a licensed medical doctor, therapist or counselor and obtain the appropriate treatment – you must not rely on Armineh Astanbous and the products and services available on the Illumination Within website and other platforms as an alternative to medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.


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