The Period of Fire!

 Welcome to March!

March is the month of Healing, Transformation, Connecting to your Intuition, and Relationship.

We are going to experience the spark of the divine at the equinox. Divine is feminine, therefore it brings more opportunity to connect to your inner voice and your wisdom. You are going to have lots of AHA moments. You will go within more and at a deeper level. If there was something that you couldn’t heel now it will come to the surface to be healed. Because of connecting to your wisdom more, you will have a different perspective that will transform you and especially it will transform your relationships which always start with the relationship with yourself. 

For some of you that ready for this transformation, it will be easier than the others. The best way to go through March is by observation. Detect, and understand your patterns. Finding out the reason for that pattern. Then break through it and change it to your highest good. You cannot delete a pattern without understanding that. The universe doesn’t work like that.

For those of you that this transformation can be difficult or overwhelming don’t rush. Be aware and stay in your center. Ground yourself and allow that to happen. Work with your breath and move your body in any way you prefer.

May human consciousness elevate and evolve more and faster.

Illumination Within

Happy 2023!

The year of Wholeness and Perfection, based on numerology. It is Deep and Wise. 

As you can see it is something special about it. It’s another invitation for us to go deeper. Based on my perspective and download, It is the year of truth. More truth at a faster pace will come to the surface. More are going to be awakened. More heated events and chaos will happen to help us to elevate faster. 
Life is such a precious gift from us to us. Make the most out of 2023 to be in harmony with yourself -harmony in body, emotion, and mind or body, soul, and spirit. It is another test for us, for all of us.

To do so, eat more of the food created with light. Breath correctly and fully. Change your vibration. In this way, you will bring harmony within. Then you will remember.

We are the one
We are whole
We are earth
We are universe

Cheers to you all wherever you are on your journey.
Happy 2023!

Love and Light, 
Illumination Within



Who said that? Do you remember? An enlightened individual named Yeshua which in English translates to Joshua and we know him as “Jesus” which is not his real name. Today I don’t want to talk about that however I prefer to call out his real name Yeshua. 

He, Yeshua by bringing the state of I AM, he tried to embody the God or Pure Source. And by saying that he didn’t mean he is the only one. He was trying to show us and give us the information from the wisdom he connected to which was his Higher Self and bring the message to us as we all are light and we all are God. God, not the distorted definition that is imposed on us via religions or cultures which all were created based on man’s experiences and location. 


Just remember you are here for embodying I AM STATE. In order to have access to other dimensions 4th to 9th, you need to love and enjoy the 3rd dimension that you live in. You are here to manifest and enjoy who you truly are. This is the only way, you could make that You happen. You created your life, so you are in control of redesigning it that suits you more and better along your journey! 

Have a Merry Day full of Light and Love!

Love and Light, 
Illumination Within