Voyage des Chakras

“The answer is, to get optimal health, fix the chakra first and your disease will disappear almost 80 percent.” – Sarva Loka Maa Guruji Poonamji

When balanced, the chakras, “…keep the body in it’s most pristine physical element…when they are out of balance, they cause disease. Dis-ease.”

“People who can see chakras, who can see the energies, can actually assist the people to avoid a major disease…”  

Chakras are energetic focal points in our body. The word Chakra means “Wheel”. The first thing that comes to the mind is spinning. Yes our chakras spin. In Northern hemisphere, they spin clock-wise and in Southern hemisphere spin counter-clock wise.

Chakras are responsible for collecting, processing, deleting and saving datas like a chip in computer.

In this program, you will learn:

  • General information in more details about Chakras
  • Everything about Our 7th main chakras and some important minors one
  • Structure of chakra
  • How to work on your chakras
  • Energy cords and removing them from your chakras
  • How to protect your chakra system
  • Practice together

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