Relationship, what is matter!

When we talk about relationships, usually we bring our attention to intimate or friendships or family ones. However, the most important relationship is the one with yourself. Everything starts from you. Others are indicators and reflecting how you treat, communicate, trust, love, etc with yourself. In order to experience euphoric relationships you need to become your ultimate self. How? By deleting your pattern, filters, pausing, observing, neutrality, confirming your deletions and purifying. The more you can define yourself, the more your relationship will get better. When you change, everything around you will change including your relationships.

 Are you ready? This is a very important question!

Illumination Within

Becoming Singular!

Photo credit : Yana Istoshina

When you become singular or getting more close to that, It doesn’t mean you will lose your feelings or you do not have any challenges anymore. This journey is endless.
The growth is infinite.It means you will stay in your center. You will have 360 clarity. You go through life and challenges with ease and grace. You will experience all your feelings without judgment. Don’t forget we are experiencing human being.
Find your location, ground, observe and be curious.  

Illumination Within

The Magic!

Photo by Christopher Campbell 

When you let go of who you think you are
peel off all your identities,
You will become who you really are
you will create something even more extraordinary.

It’s like having a magic stick!

Illumination Within

You Choose!

Artist: unknown

It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with right now in your life whether is relationship problem, financial difficulties, sickness, depression, etc. What matter is how you come out of it. How that event in your life connect you more to your brilliance within. How it helps to become your ultimate self.
Take advantage of everything and anything to become singular.
You are in control. You choose.
Turn on your curiosity!

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

Focus On Your Strength

Photo by Johannes Plenio 

The purity wave came in 100%.

Here is some beautiful reminder for all of us:

Observe What Is Leaving You.
The Abundance that we see in the Nature, It is WITHIN us as well. The more we connect to our Limitless Self the more Abundant we become. There is no LACK.
Fill up yourself with your own light, energy and essence. Everything else should ENHANCE you not Fulfill you.
We are Enough.  

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

Transformation and Integration

I do not know who the artist is. comment in for credit please! Thank you.

Transformation might happen in a session or in a short period of time but then Integration and Purification may need a bit more time. Observe and be patient. Drop your expectations. Be in your center and Be. 
As Sadguru said we go to school to learn how to write, read, learn science, etc at least for 12 years but then when it comes to finding our true self, we expect that to happen shortly.

Be aware and be patient. 
The good news is we have the fastest way to get where we all want to go. It’s a second chance to reprogram and co create our life from scratch. 

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

Food our delicious medicines 2

Photo by cottonbro 

Happy October all!

As we talked last week in order to maintain the higher frequencies, you need to be strong and healthy .
Here is a general guide that I follow: 

Detox your body. You can do it in many different ways by eating as well as physical activities. The easiest way is water + lemon + salt in the morning!
Autophagy: You can help your body in this regard with intermittent fasting and or special teas, supplements and physical activities
Try to eat Organic. If it is not possible go for NonGMO 
Try to eat pasture raised / organic. If It is not possible, pasture raised is in priority
Try to eat pasture raised/ grass fed/ organic. If it is not possible, grass fed is in priority then pasture raised and then organic.
Avoid fake sugar like corn syrup and unfortunately it comes with many different names.
Avoid oils made out of seeds. Use oil like Avocado oil, Olive oil and Ghee.
Add prebiotic like sauerkraut to your diet
Herbal teas are delicious but be aware they are medicines. So do not consume too much of them.
If you want to have coffee, drink CLEAN coffee. I recommend Purity Coffee. 

And  last thing is Do not say “I want to Lose Weight”, Say “I want to Transform my Body”. 

Have a healthy and delicious week ahead!
Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

Food our delicious medicines 1

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding 

Happy Autumn! The season of the sky.

Foods are our delicious medicines. It’s a great reminder for all of us.You are in control of what you put into it. So let’s choose mindfully but do not forget a cheat day. Bring your awareness to what, how and where you eat.
Beside the Nutrients that we get form foods, we consume the Life Force Energy (LFE). The fresher Your foods are the more LFE they have. The fresher they are, the higher frequencies they vibrate at.
Appliances like Microwave not only changed the frequencies of your food but also kills the LFE. Also it is good to know that LFE of cooked food will be diminished after 24hours.
As you know the more you connected to your higher self and pure source, the higher your frequencies will be. In order to maintain higher vibrations you need to have a healthy and strong body. That is why foods, physical activities, Breath works, etc, will play an important roles on your spiritual growth. 
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Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

Focus on your strength

Photo by Marián Šicko 

It is so simple. Energy follows thoughts. When you have your focus on something, you send out the signals. Eventually that will happen. More often we have our attention mostly to what we do not like or do not want. Shift your focus on your strength, on who you want to be, on the best version of yourself. 
Ask yourself daily, how I can connect to my timeless self (higher self0.  Observe yourself to see your pattern and filters to say No to them. Keep find your location during the day to keep yourself in time and in space. I promise the new path you are in, will take you to a better place!

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within