Infinite Possibilities!

Photo by : Amir Kalhor

Many times you heard from me and other amazing individuals or deep inside, you know that, there are infinite possibilities. I just want to draw your attention to this fact that, infinite possibilities are coming from both dark and light sides of the world. The key to create your beautiful reality at the higher level of consciousness is to master both worlds and to know what you are dealing with. You will find yourself standing on a line in between. As you know, we have our free will to chose how to co-create our reality. Do not sell even tiny little bit of your soul for anything. It is not worth it. You are more powerful than you ever imagine. Always focus on your brilliance!

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

Intimate Relationship

One of the filters that we need to experience human being is being a couple. An intimate relationship helps us to elevate each other to become our best possible self, therefore we experience the timeless relationship.
What we know somehow love in this reality has been misdefined. Through history of human being the reason of getting married or being a couple misunderstood. Many times we are in relationship to feel complete or to be secured. Or many other reasons. Be honest with yourself and analyze your relationship. It has a lot to show you. You will find a brutal honesty there. Be with it. You are in the right place. Be encouraged and go even deeper.

As you know, we are complete beings. We are beyond who think we are. 


Armineh Astanbous

The Death Space

Photo by Sasha Matic 

We are committed. Do the hard work. Show up for ourselves everyday and keep working. Our expectation is to be passionate about life and have motivation.To be able to do more and more efficiently. Be more happy and abundant. However all of the sudden we found ourselves in a space of not being motivated to do anything or lost our passion. This can confuse us. 
This calls “the Death Space”. The time that is needed for integration and cleaning. This is a new you so you need to be ready for it even more. Take your time and allow this happen gracefully! Be the witness to this amazing space that has a lot of potential. It’s quite beautiful. Trust the process!


Stay Strong

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski

When you are awaken. You are awaken. You cannot go back and you are not going that way. Even if you do, is gong to be more intense. The most difficult part in my point of view is to confirm the deletion of your old self, the patterns, the lineage, etc. If you want to see the changes, you need to stay strong. If you see that your life is falling apart, be sure , that part of your life is not at your service anymore or another way to say, it was made with lower frequencies that don’t resonate with you anymore. It’s as simple as is. Is as beautiful as is. However I know it is so painful. The only way that we can come out of it, is to observe and Stay Strong by 

Spatial referencing
Being in your meditation sanctuary
Rooting your feet
Grounding from your base of your spine and saturate yourself with earth energy|frequency

Any of those tools are great to use. Use one and or all to keep yourself in time and in place to connect to your purest self more and more! Then nothing will shake you! You are more powerful than you think you are.

Stay Strong,


Do not be afraid of making mistakes

Photo by Trevor McKinnon 

From many amazing individuals we always heard don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The reason is we are amazing beings 😉 Also the secret hides at success mechanism. When you have a goal or a target, our mechanism will start working to get to that end result and be in the right path to get to the goal. In our case if our goal is to connect to our higher self, for sure we will get there however our pace and speed is different based on our filters. Any servo mechanism work with negative feedback, we move forward and make a mistake for example we fall into our old self, etc immediately our higher self, our brain, our nerves, all our system will notice that and correct itself and we will back in the track. Then when we get to our goal, there is going to be a settling process that will happen by forgetting the past mistakes and remembering the new responses. Our new us!
The first key to that is to Trust our process and do not try to make it happen or force it. It’s not a mental state. It’s not going to happen by too much conscious effort. Let it do its work. The second key is, It will happen in present time that’s another reason that being in time and in place is super important! 

Embrace your Uniqueness

We are all individuated from one pure source. However we are unique as we decided to have different experiences as human beings, so our essence is different. That’s the beauty of it. It’s life changing when you see and rest in your uniqueness. To be able to be in that state, you should drop COMPARISON. If you look at the nature, for example an Oak tree never compare itself with a Bamboo stalk and nor Bamboo to Oak. They respect their uniqueness.
In  this journey, be patient and have compassion to yourself. Delete your old patterns, confirm your deletions, ground, fill up yourself with your essence energy, embrace your uniqueness, focus on your higher self and Rise! 

We are not above or below
We are the Oneness
We are Complete