Do not be afraid of making mistakes

Photo by Trevor McKinnon 

From many amazing individuals we always heard don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The reason is we are amazing beings 😉 Also the secret hides at success mechanism. When you have a goal or a target, our mechanism will start working to get to that end result and be in the right path to get to the goal. In our case if our goal is to connect to our higher self, for sure we will get there however our pace and speed is different based on our filters. Any servo mechanism work with negative feedback, we move forward and make a mistake for example we fall into our old self, etc immediately our higher self, our brain, our nerves, all our system will notice that and correct itself and we will back in the track. Then when we get to our goal, there is going to be a settling process that will happen by forgetting the past mistakes and remembering the new responses. Our new us!
The first key to that is to Trust our process and do not try to make it happen or force it. It’s not a mental state. It’s not going to happen by too much conscious effort. Let it do its work. The second key is, It will happen in present time that’s another reason that being in time and in place is super important! 

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