Stay Strong

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski

When you are awaken. You are awaken. You cannot go back and you are not going that way. Even if you do, is gong to be more intense. The most difficult part in my point of view is to confirm the deletion of your old self, the patterns, the lineage, etc. If you want to see the changes, you need to stay strong. If you see that your life is falling apart, be sure , that part of your life is not at your service anymore or another way to say, it was made with lower frequencies that don’t resonate with you anymore. It’s as simple as is. Is as beautiful as is. However I know it is so painful. The only way that we can come out of it, is to observe and Stay Strong by 

Spatial referencing
Being in your meditation sanctuary
Rooting your feet
Grounding from your base of your spine and saturate yourself with earth energy|frequency

Any of those tools are great to use. Use one and or all to keep yourself in time and in place to connect to your purest self more and more! Then nothing will shake you! You are more powerful than you think you are.

Stay Strong,


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