The Universe Within!

The most detailed representation of a human cell to date, obtained by radiography, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectronic microscopy.
~ Valerie DeBourdeilles

The universe within you! Isn’t it so incredible?

I wanted to share a lot about our limitless self and the brilliance within us but then this photo by itself has a lot more than me to say. This is our amazing cell that we work on it twice a week. You have the power to change everything, even the shape of your body by changing your frequency therefore your cells will change. What we do here is a real work, it’s not just a meditation to go out of your body and experience amazing stuff. It’s you that expand to another consciousness and work on your DNA and beyond by deleting your old and lineage patterns. Sunday’s Blanket and Dance Your Limitless Self, two free events. Join Us!
Armineh Astanbous