Negative Emotions

When it comes to negative emotions how many times have we heard avoid them, delete them, you shouldn’t be this or that? I previously thought the same, till my teacher Mas changed it forever for me. Let’s redefine it. Maybe we should call them XFORM Emotions! 
Negative emotions that you see some of them on the poster, are the strongest tools to use if you know the pure definition of them. For example if you feel jealousy toward someone, instead of trying discredit the person success or beauty, admire this human and see how you can get there too. The other example is Anger that we looked into it last week in the Sunday’s Blanket meditation. Use anger to connect to your higher self more, to confirm your deletions and change your life forever! 
Sometimes we do not have access to some of these feelings like anger in my case.  Me, being abused and controlled with anger, I couldn’t even elevate my voice higher than a certain pitch. When I delete that abuse and control pattern, I had a week of releasing the stored angers for years. Now I have access to it and helped me to elevate even faster. It’s your journey, own it!

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

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