The Real Support

The real support is from your higher self. The more connected you are, the more you will see, feel and understand it. It will take you beyond your imagination. Your limitless self is always back you up. Greet your spirit every day, come to communication with it. You are the savior of your own. This is your journey.  Create a beautiful and unique space for hanging out with your timeless self (Meditation Sanctuary). Practice to greet everyone’s spirit anywhere you go and you will see the difference. Remember we always need to take actions at physical level to confirm all those deletions. 

As a note always be compassionate but do not baby yourself to stay in your comfort zone. There is a difference between being compassionate and feeling empathy.

Higher Self = Limitless Self = Spirit = Timeless Self

Meditation Sanctuary:

Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

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