Food our delicious medicines 2

Photo by cottonbro 

Happy October all!

As we talked last week in order to maintain the higher frequencies, you need to be strong and healthy .
Here is a general guide that I follow: 

Detox your body. You can do it in many different ways by eating as well as physical activities. The easiest way is water + lemon + salt in the morning!
Autophagy: You can help your body in this regard with intermittent fasting and or special teas, supplements and physical activities
Try to eat Organic. If it is not possible go for NonGMO 
Try to eat pasture raised / organic. If It is not possible, pasture raised is in priority
Try to eat pasture raised/ grass fed/ organic. If it is not possible, grass fed is in priority then pasture raised and then organic.
Avoid fake sugar like corn syrup and unfortunately it comes with many different names.
Avoid oils made out of seeds. Use oil like Avocado oil, Olive oil and Ghee.
Add prebiotic like sauerkraut to your diet
Herbal teas are delicious but be aware they are medicines. So do not consume too much of them.
If you want to have coffee, drink CLEAN coffee. I recommend Purity Coffee. 

And  last thing is Do not say “I want to Lose Weight”, Say “I want to Transform my Body”. 

Have a healthy and delicious week ahead!
Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

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