Food our delicious medicines 1

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding 

Happy Autumn! The season of the sky.

Foods are our delicious medicines. It’s a great reminder for all of us.You are in control of what you put into it. So let’s choose mindfully but do not forget a cheat day. Bring your awareness to what, how and where you eat.
Beside the Nutrients that we get form foods, we consume the Life Force Energy (LFE). The fresher Your foods are the more LFE they have. The fresher they are, the higher frequencies they vibrate at.
Appliances like Microwave not only changed the frequencies of your food but also kills the LFE. Also it is good to know that LFE of cooked food will be diminished after 24hours.
As you know the more you connected to your higher self and pure source, the higher your frequencies will be. In order to maintain higher vibrations you need to have a healthy and strong body. That is why foods, physical activities, Breath works, etc, will play an important roles on your spiritual growth. 
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Armineh Astanbous
Illumination Within

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